The hotel "Chaika" is the most elit and respective hotel of mine capital of Kazakhstan

The History of the Hotel "Chaika"

We are glad to welcome you to the website of the hotel Chaika!
Looking at the a hotel complexChaika, you can surely see the history of Karaganda begins from this hotel.
The hotel was originally built in 1935. The second building appeared later on in 1946. Later the hotel would become a part of the history of the Soviet Union.
The Hotel Chaika owes its signifigance to the many glorified cosmonauts (such as Adrian Nikolaev, Pavel Popvich, Giorgye Beregovoi) who spent their first few hours of rest after returning from space within its walls.
The Hotel was named after the handle used by Valentina Tereshkova during her journey as the first woman in space,"Chaika". She would later stay at the hotel in 1963, following her trip.
The main building was constructed in 1981. Its unusual achitecture is amazing to behold. It is a modern building with a brilliant bowl and scattering ladders. The majesty of the Chaika is apparent in the sensation of lightness and transparency. This effect is created by large halls and bright lights.
Today the Chaika as a whole contains three buildings, each with thier own distinct style. The Complex is unique because of its location: right in the centre of town, next to a park, close by to local businesses and transportation routes.
As a whole, the star complex on the right is considered as a historical, architectural monument. The complex is one of the most elite places in the City of Karaganda.

"Chaika" is not only hotel, "Chaika" is the most bright pearl of Karaganda!